Jamiel’s Law was written in honor of Jamiel Andre’ Shaw, II.

Jamiel’s Law is supported by Americans and people who love the USA.  It’s supported by democrats and republican politicians.  Jamiel’s Law is a bipartisan law that will deport gangs out of the USA! 


The family affectionately called Jamiel “Jas” and many of his friends called him, “Wilshire” because he played in the Wilshire football league.

Jamiel’s Law was written in Los Angeles by lawyer and former mayoral candidate, Walter Moore in 2008.  Jamiel’s Law will target gangs illegally in the Country.

Supporting Jamiel’s Law will help make our Country safe!

In 2008, we were not able to get Jamiel’s Law on the ballot, but we continue to talk with elected officials about Jamiel’s Law. Ask your local Representative to support Jamiel’s Law.

Jamiel’s Law supporters work with people from every walk of life.  Our goal is to help law enforcement and elected officials make the USA a safe place for everyone.  For information about gangs in the country illegally, click on the link below:


Jamiel’s Law Signature Gathering Coming Soon! http://bit.ly/dqQ6c4